[Eclipse] EditorList Plug-in

Tips 2009.05.14 11:23 Posted by 애플자라
The EditorList Plug-in provides a view that displays Eclipse's editors in a list for improved editor management.
The current version of the EditorList Plug-in is 1.0.7, released Aug. 4, 2005.
Get the EditorList Plug-in
SourceForge Project
Download the plug-in and participate in the project development
Install/Update site Install the EditorList Plug-in from within Eclipse using the EditorList Install/Update site:
1. If you download the EditorList plug-in zip from the SourceForge project, install it by unzipping the contents of the archive to the "plugins" folder in your Eclipse install directory.
2. Open the EditorList view by clicking Window->Show View->Other...->Basic->EditorList
Plain EditorList
Context menu
EditorList context menu
EditorList with decorators enabled

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